Good Night

Good Night Messages | Best Good Night Messages, Images

Good Night Messages | Best Good Night Messages, Images

Good Night Messages 

The sun has sat down as well as the moon looked spreading its dazzling dim light all over. Night, the only time to go in the Lapp of the bed. It’s the favourite time for all of us. Especially it is extra cheese for the employees as they struggle and consume the power all over the day. It’s time for children to visit the paradise and have the sound sleep. For lovebirds it’s the time to be one soul and have some magical moments of love. It’s an enormous peaceful time for Mom and dad after the tiring day. What if hadn’t made night? The human beings would have vanished from earth working for the whole time. To give rest to the body God gave a wonderful and luxurious gift night. Wish your friends and near & dear ones’ good night with these good night wishes, quotes, and messages.

Good Night Messages | Best Good Night Messages, Images

I want you to dream that tonight I have wings to leave my room and go flying to yours to contemplate the beauty of your being when you are sleeping.

Sweet dreams, my beloved. Tonight I feel infinite joy just thinking about you. You are my flower, my moon, and my sweet harmony. May the stars always cover you with their light.

Come love, go to sleep! That tomorrow there will be no one to lift you up! Then do not tell me I did not get violently affectionate … I love you!

Let me go to your window tonight to see how an angel sleeps, sorry if I bother you but I can not stop thinking about you.

Let me go to your window tonight to see how an angel sleeps, sorry if I bother you but I can not stop thinking about you.

Good night, dear. Take a kiss so you rest placidly. I’ll just make a wish: that dream with me as well as I do with you every day.

Your love is all I have, and it’s time to rest and I’ll go to sleep thinking about you, because you are the sweetest thing that has happened to me in this life.

Every night I dream of you the next day, good things happen to me, I have no doubt that you are the only one that can make me happy.

Tonight I would like to wake up with my kisses and be by your side to tell you that you are the woman of my life. Sweet dreams and rest!

Go to sleep, my girl. Recharge the batteries because tomorrow will be the happiest day of your life. I love you with all my heart.

I’m going to sleep, but I’m calm because I know you’ll still be present in my dreams.

Tun, tun !!! Would you be so kind to receive this msj? because it weighs! It comes loaded with love and good wishes that you have a NICE NIGHT!

Each star is a guardian angel who takes care of you to recover your energy and enjoy your dreams. Do not fear, because I will take care of you until the end of my days.

I love you by day and I dream you at night. Rest and have a good night, my love.

Best Good Night Messages, Images

In other word good night quotes and messages are the way you can make your dear ones feel that you give an idea about them before you pack up yourself for the night. Send some best good night Wishes to special your beloved one to make them aware that they have importance in your life. Couples also can send romantic Good Night Love Messages to each other to share and express the endless love moulded in them for each other. Funny good night messages offer you chuckle making fun of your friends, share them in the group and make your friendship bond stronger and deeper.

Good Night Messages | Best Good Night Messages, Images

We had a very exhausting day, it is better that you sleep so that tomorrow you wake up completely renewed, dreams of my sweet princess.

I’m in love because every night I think about you it’s hard for me to sleep, tell me you love me and I can close my eyes once and for all.

Tonight he tries to sleep on his stomach, because it would be an injustice that an ANGELITO as special as YOU, mistreat his wings … Have a nice night!

The sun reminds me of your beautiful face and your sweet smile and the moon and the stars the beauty that is inside you, I love you.

Sweet dreams to who makes me happy with his smile, who understands me with his eyes and who makes me feel loved with a single word … have a nice dream!

Rest and recover all your energies, because tomorrow I want us to spend one of the best days of our lives.

Good night sweetie, receive this greeting of good night with much love, keep it in your heart and you will sleep like a princess tonight.

When sleep invades my being and start to yawn, I get scared because I want to keep thinking about you. However, it is then passed me, because you always accompany me in my mind, even when I sleep. Have a good night, my love.

That you rest, that tomorrow I love you with lots of energy and very sweet. If not, do not dream about me … haha ​​Kisses


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