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Nepal earthquake 2015

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Resources for the Nepal Earthquake
Emergency phone numbers –Nepal Police
Person FinderGoogle –Crisis Response
Nepal Ministry of Home AffairsGovernment of Nepal

Nepal earthquake 2015

The 2015 Nepal earthquake (the Himalayan earthquake) which is believed to have killed more than 6,100 people as of 29 April 2015, occurred at 11:56 NST on 25 April with a moment magnitude (Mw) of 7.8 or 8.1Ms and a maximum Mercalli Intensity of IX (Violent). Its epicenter was approximately 34 km (21 mi) east-southeast of Lamjung, Nepal, and its hypocenter was at a depth of approximately 15 km (9.3 mi).

It was the most powerful disaster to strike Nepal since the 1934 Nepal–Bihar earthquake.[9][10][11] Some casualties have also been reported in the adjoining areas of India, China, and Bangladesh. India responded with Operation Maitri for rescue and relief in Nepal by its armed forces and also evacuated Indian and foreign citizens from Nepal.


Anger erupted in Kathmandu on Wednesday over what many see as the slow pace of relief efforts to the stricken country. Protesters blocked traffic, with one saying:

We are hungry, we haven’t had anything to drink. We haven’t been able to sleep.

I have a seven-year-old child who is sleeping in the open. It’s getting cold and people are getting pneumonia.

Thousands of people attempted to flee the capital as supplies ran low.
But conditions in many places beyond the city are also dire. The Guardian’s Jason Burke, who has travelled to the remote Gorkha district near the border with Tibet, reports:
Officials and relief workers are desperately seeking information on about 10,000 people living in the northernmost areas of Gorkha district, where the epicentre of Saturday’s earthquake was located. Nothing is known of the condition of villagers in these remote and mountainous areas near the frontier with Tibet, but up to 90% of buildings in nearby areas a similar distance from the epicentre have been destroyed or rendered uninhabitable.

The UN has launched a $415m appeal to help the estimated 8 million people affected by the earthquake.

You can  supporting relief efforts and Nepal earthquake survivors by donations at Facebook Page