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Best Health Apps

Best Health Apps – You don’t have time to take care of your health or visit gym to stay healthy and fit? Do you have a smart phone? Then, you can stay healthy with the technology advancement. But how it is possible? Health and fitness are related to one another and you know there are many apps that have been introduced keeping in view of the people’s health and fitness. Though there are many apps, all may not work out. So, here we have come up with few best health apps that work well and help people to stay healthy and fit. They are as follows.

1. Calorie Counter

This is the best health and fitness app available both for android and iPhone users in their respective online stores. This app works as follows we are generally said that every person needs to stake specific amount of calories in a day to stay healthy and fit and it is a common goal to achieve. So, here this app helps us to meet these goals by helping you manage your diet and also the amount of workout you do. It has a vast database of foods to take.

2. Nudge

This is a free app both for the android and iPhone users. When it comes to living healthy it is necessary that we need to use a small push for staying ourselves on track and we are fortunate that this app works in the same way for us. This nudges us by connecting with our friends and challenging with them and it also integrates with all your health apps so that you can compare with your friends or family and you will certainly work by seeing them to improve your health.

3. HealthyOut

Next comes on the way to stay healthy is this healthyout app and our major challenge to stay healthy is eating. By using this app, you can make modification on the meal and it works by spotting the best option on the menu that you have and then it will suggest you to take the good stuff and avoid all the bad stuff especially when you visit the restaurants to have a meal. This is such a good app that can stop you eating all the stuff available outside.

4. Medscape

This is another wonderful app that helps you when you are ill and tries to keep you healthy. With this medscape app, you can get access to 3,500 health conditions and illnesses all that at your fingertips. You can search the library of the app, to find the prescribed medications, interactions and also about the medical news that is latest.

5. Waterlogged

Last but not least, one of the easiest and great ways to improve your overall health is drinking water as it is the healthiest beverage that most of the doctors recommend people. It gives you variety of benefits for improving your health. It works by tracking the amount of water you drink every day by recording the intake of liquid or water either through metrics or photos. Based on that, it sets you remainders to take water.

These are the five great health apps that everyone should have in their smart phone. Hope, you will love them for the benefits you get out of those apps.