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Best Yoga Tips Poses for Beginners

Best Yoga Tips Poses for Beginners

Best Yoga Tips Poses for Beginners 

Yoga is a best tip to human beings., By doing Yoga we can be Happy all day. and the most important thing is to who ever do yoga daily they will have a long live and healthy body.

Best Yoga Tips Poses for Beginners

Its may not be possible to every one but by doing Yoga at least for a weak, that makes the men happy and with peaceful of mind. There is no comparison of kids and elders. All can do this yoga.

By doing Yoga and meditation it makes the brain active and it makes the brain to work efficiently. This Yoga is very good for health.

Who ever wants to be beautiful they need to do Yoga. Because Yoga makes the Body in to healthy fit.

8 Best Yoga Tips for Beginners 

1: Once try to know about Yoga

You can know about the yoga., how important to our body. By searching in Google and by reading the books.. you can know about yoga. it motivates to you to do and practice Yoga. it is not only for healthy., it also gives a best fit and beautiful shape to your body. if your worrying about your body structure it makes a good shape.

2: Once consult the Yoga Teacher

You can consult the Yoga teacher and you can know the best profits and tips by doing Yoga. and which poses are good for your health and to your body. If your a pregnant they are other poses to do. You also can practice Yoga at home By asking the Yoga Teacher.

3: Choose convenient time

You choose the convenient time which is leaser to you. If it is not possible.., Try to practice at least in a weak. and once try Yoga. that makes you feel good.

4: Choose convenient place

Choosing convenient place is very important. Because this is depends up on your concentration. Choose a best place where you will feel like comfortable and peaceful place that makes you to concentrate much. either you also can go to the Yoga studios.

5: Start practicing with basics

The beginners need to start with basics only. They cant go for the hard poses., that may harm to your body. before starting Yoga, you need to warm up your body. That makes your body flexible and comfortable.

6: Include one by one poses

After practicing the basics you can go for the next levels., Which are little to hard poses. And you can include the one by one poses to improve your body shape and which are necessary to your body.

7: Feel happy and consistent while doing Yoga

While doing Yoga don’t be as moody. You should feel Happy and consistent while doing Yoga. That gives a very good and early result to you., On which you have concentrate. You must take it as a fun activity Then only you can be success in your aim.

8: Finally end with Savashanam

After doing and Practicing all the Yoga poses You need to end with a Savashanam. this Savashanam makes your body relax.

These are the 8 Best Yoga Tips that you have to Follow.


5 Best Yoga Poses for Beginners 

They are very simple poses to beginners., who wants to practice yoga at home. You can see the pictures and can follow the instructions. You just have to as shown in the images. You no need instructions because you can esily understand the simple yoga poses.

1: Cat-Cow Pose

Best Yoga Tips Poses for Beginners

This pose stretches your abs, neck and back and it keeps the snipe flexible. it is especially helpful for stiff backs. 

2: Child Pose

Best Yoga Tips Poses for Beginners

This pose strengths the lower back and hips, it helps to re-leave stress, lower back discomfort, fatigue, gas and bloating.

3: Down-warding pose

Best Yoga Tips Poses for Beginners

This pose Strengths arms, shoulder, abs, quads and ankles., while stretching shoulders, hamstrings, calves and chest.  

4: Plank Pose

Best Yoga Tips Poses for Beginners

This pose strengths the shoulders, arms, wrists and spine. and it tones abs. you can easily glide in to this position from downward dog.

5: Cobra Pose

Best Yoga Tips Poses for Beginners

This pose strengths the chest and abs and keeps the spine flexible. It also helps poor posture and combats depression, lower back discomfort, and low energy.