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Christmas Wishes, Quotes, Messages | Mary Christmas Wishes, Quotes

Christmas Wishes, Quotes, Messages | Mary Christmas Wishes, Quotes

Christmas Wishes and gift ideas for our near and dear friends

The event Christmas is one of the most beautiful time in all over world. It tends to bring back happy moments of family gatherings and charming traditions that have been passed down through the generations. Christmas hymns, family feasts and gift exchanges are just some of the continuing traditions that make the period one of the best memorable holidays.

Christmas Wishes, Quotes, Messages | Mary Christmas Wishes, Quotes

Christmas means something different to every family as well as person but everyone appreciates a simple message or a card. Many families take a family photograph to send with a greetings card, but even if you don’t do that, emails or even text messages wishing families a Merry Christmas will make them feel special. For your extended family that live in a distance, this might be the only time of year that they get to see your family so they do appreciate receiving something special from you. Sending a greeting card through the messages or wishing Merry Christmas for the holidays can be a refreshing change for the heir that can rise their pleasure if they might be feeling strained out. Here are some wonderful Christmas messages that you can send this Christmas:

Best Christmas wishes for family

Christmas Wishes, Quotes, Messages | Mary Christmas Wishes, Quotes

Wishing you safe and enjoyable travels this holiday season and always from our family to yours. Have a merry Xmas and a happy New Year.

Wishing you and your family happiness, health, peace and prosperity this holiday period and in the coming New Year. May the magic of Christmas fill your heart all year long.

‘This the season for good food, family, friends, presents and fellowship. May yours be filled with each this season and throughout the year.

Decorate every empty space in your home to remind you the magical period that this truly is. Merry Xmas to you!

You gifted me with your friendship few years ago. In this Christmas, I heartily thank you for being my rock of forte in good times as well as in bad times. You deserve all the golly and friendliness that the Christmas season brings.

Best Christmas wishes for beloved person

Christmas Wishes, Quotes, Messages | Mary Christmas Wishes, Quotes

Here’s me.. There’s you.. Up there is mistletoe… And here’s what follows… Mmmmmm…It’s a kiss for you! Merry Kiss-mas… Ooops…….. Christmas to you!

Christmas is the time to share love and joy. A time to remember beautiful memories. It is a time to sit back and relax. Enjoy the holiday season. Wish you Merry Christmas

This Christmas, I’m sending you a LOVE CAKE baked with: 1 cup of love, 2 cups of trust, 1 cups of piety, And a dash of attraction,.. Merry Christmas, enjoy your gift!

Why do I want Christmas gifts when I already have you? Merry Christmas to the most gorgeous angel on earth. I love you.

Hey my love, wake up, it is such a lovely Christmas morning. I wish you all the joy in the world this Christmas. I promise to do all it takes to see you joyful. Merry Christmas baby. You owe me a Christmas kiss!

Best Christmas wishes for friends

Christmas Wishes, Quotes, Messages | Mary Christmas Wishes, Quotes

Santa is a wise soul, he came up with the idea of only visiting everyone once year, leaving only cookie crumbs behind.

Once again, we come to the Holiday Season, an extremely religious time that each of us observes, in his own way, by going to the mall of his choice.

Everyone’s hearts grow loving with childhood reminiscences and love of kindred, mine too, so am eagerly waiting throughout the year for having, in soul, become a kid again at Christmas-time and wishing you Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to my sweet friend, and you are the best in all over the world, you the person that sees through my faults and loves me anyway. I’m wishing you happiness and blessings this Christmas. I am so proud to call you a part of my family and I cherish the time I spend with you.

I don’t want much for Christmas.  I just want the person reading this to be happy, healthy and loved! Wishing you snowflakes, Friendship and Winter Cheer!