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Fans celebrate Baekhyun’s birthday via Twitter with #HappyBaekhyunDay

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Who is Baek hyun’s?

Baekhyun’s is a South Korean-Chinese boy band produced by S.M. Entertainment that debuted in 2012. EXO comprises twelve members who are separated into two subgroups, EXO-K and EXO-M. The band has promoted with 9 members since mid April, 2015. The former releases music in South Korea, while the latter promotes music in mainland China. EXO’s name was taken from exoplanet, a term referring to planets outside of the Solar System.


EXO-Ls and Baekhyun fans from all over the world are celebrating the idol’s 24th (Korean age) birthday via Twitter, making it onto the worldwide trending list with “#HappyBaekhyunDay.” Fans are also posting pictures of adorable beagle member Baekhyun, along with sweet birthday messages that will definitely have the idol touched to tears. Make sure you join in and tweet your happy birthday messages to Baekhyun too!