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Fathers Day Date and History-Happy Fathers Day

Fathers Day Date and History

Father’s day history-Happy Fathers day

In 1972, President Nixon declares Father’s Day to be a national leave. After this it is renowned on the 3rd Sunday, of the month of June every year. One of the first thoughts behind Father’s Day is simply that it matches Mother’s Day. This day is the festivities of the parental guidance of fathers, and the relationship that kids have with their fathers. In any society, be it medieval, modern, or ancient, fathers have had a important position. So we rejoice this day to commemorate father and fatherliness.

Father’s day history

Father’s day date

Fathers day celebration was taken to the Americans by the Spanish and Portuguese, and in Latin America, Father’s Day is still celebrated on March 19. The Catholic Church actively supported the custom of celebrating fatherhood on the day of Saint Joseph from the last years of the fourteenth century or from the beginning of the fifteenth century, apparently on the initiative of the Franciscans.

Many nations pursue the US Father’s Day date – which is the 3rd Sunday of June. Some parts of the world also celebrate it on June 19. Some nations such as Portuguese, Spain, and Latin America celebrate it on March 19.

Father’s day date

In Europe, father’s day is being celebrated by Catholic Church since the Medieval Period or middle Ages – from 5th to 15th century. It used to be notable on March 19 which is also Saint Joseph’s Day. Saint Joseph is famous as the foster-father of Jesus Christ. Father’s Day started being celebrated in the US around the 20th century.

In addition to Father’s Day, International Men’s Day is also celebrated in many countries on November 19 in honor of men and boys who are not parents.

India, too, celebrates Father’s Day on  3rd Sunday of June. Father’s Day 2017 falls on June 18.