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Good Night Quotes Messages Images Pictures Photos for Friends | Quotes about Good Night

Good Night Quotes Messages Images Pictures Photos for Friends | Quotes about Good Night

Good Night Quotes Messages Images Pictures Photos for Friends | Quotes about Good Night

Good Night Quotes Messages Images Pictures Photos for Friends | Quotes about Good Night

Good Night Quotes Messages Images Pictures Photos for Friends | Quotes about Good Night

These are the best collection of Good Night Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Images, Pictures for friends. and you can also see the best pictures, photos of Good night, which you can share with your friends and family members. and make sure which Quotes is suitable for whom. and tell them lovely good night  Wishes.

 Good Night Quotes Wishes Sms Images Pics For Whatsapp Facebook 

Good Night Quotes Messages Images Pictures Photos for Friends | Quotes about Good Night

No matter how wealthy and rich I become, I won’t give money in place of being there for you. You are more than precious compared to all I will ever have. Good night my love.

I wish that you were here or that I was there.
I wish that we were together anywhere. Good Night till we meet again.

The candles cannot burn without the light. The moon cannot shine without the night, then how can I sleep without wishing u good night!

Good Night Status Messages Quotes Wishes Sms Images Pics For Whatsapp Facebook


But when I go to bed thinking of you, that’s when you know I’ve gone to bed glad!

Here’s sending you a few stars to brighten your night and sweeten your dreams.

I was looking out the windows thinking about the person I care most
and the one who came to my mind was U.
So Good night and sweet dreams my dear.

Best Good Night Quotes Poems From Wife # Top 10+


My love for you, my care of you, will ever be there, while you are awake and even when you sleep. Goodnight my heart.

Thank you for being there today, like every other day. Thanks for tomorrow in advance also. Goodnight my desire.

Na Jane Kyu Itni Jaldi Yeh Raat
Aa Jati Hai, Baato Hi Baato
Mein Aapki Baat Aa Jati Hai,
Hum To Aapko Good Night Kehna
Chahte Hai, Lekin Na Jane
Kyun Aapki Yaad Aa Jati Hai.  (Good Night SMS In Hindi)

 Top 10+ Good Night 2015 Quotes From Wife

Good Night Quotes Messages Images Pictures Photos for Friends | Quotes about Good Night


Hey there
just dropped by to say hello.
Hope that you had a wonderful day! Good Night.

The sun rose and set today – like every other day
But no one knows my world has stopped.
It will move only when we meet again tomorrow. Good night my love!

Time to forget all your worries. It’s time to forget all your fears. A time to believe that tomorrow is good. Close your eyes, sleep and see your wishes come true. Good night my angel.

Special quotes For Good  Night # Top 10+


Pyari Si Raat Mai, Pyare Se
Andhere Mai, Pyari Si
Neend Mai. Pyare Se Sapno
Mai, Pyare Se Dost Ko, Pyari
Si Good Night Sweet Dreams.

May this night take away all you sadness and fears as tomorrow ushers in all your long awaited joy. Good night my dear.

You are so kind and ever true, so loving and caring is you. I can’t but confess this tonight. Thanks for being the lovely you. Good night my all.

Top 20+ Famous Good  Night Quotes – Messages – Sayings


Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight,
Someone is thinking of you tonight,
Somewhere out there where dreams come true…
Goodnight & sweet dreams 2 you!

A day is going to end again. It is nice to have someone like U making everyday seems so great. Thank U my love and may all the angels guard you this night!

You are super kind and true, best, better and good for me. You are all that makes my heart rocks! I love you. Goodnight.

Great Good  Night Quotes 2015

Good Night Quotes Messages Images Pictures Photos for Friends | Quotes about Good Night


No one will ever care for you more than I will ever do, because no one do you love more than you love me. Good night my love.

Dard Aapke Intezar Ka Hum Chup Chap
Sehte Hain, Kyunki Aap Har Pal
Hamare Dil Mein Rehte Hain, Na
Jane Hume Nind Aayegi Bhi Ke
Nahi Lakin Aap Thik Se So Sako
Isliye Aapko Good Night Kehte Hain.

Just a line…2 keep in touch…
coz u r on my mind so very much…
& even though, I’ve nothing 2 say…
I’ll know…I thought of u 2day…Good night!

Short Good  Night Quotes # 2015 – Top # 10+


The night may be dark, the moon may not rise and the stars may hide,
But don’t worry, I’ am here to hold you tight. Sweet dreams and good night.

Dreams are like stars. You may not be able to touch them but if you follow them, they will lead you to your destiny. So believe in your dreams!

Aaj Kitne Dino Baad Hui Yeh
Barsaat Hai Yaad Dilati Yeh
Aapki Har Baat Hai Mujhe
Maloom Hai Aapki Aankhon
Mein Hai Neend Aap Chain Se
So Jao Kitni Haseen Raat Hai.

Cute Good  Night Quotes # 2015 From friends – Top 10+


Not all that glitters are Gold but not your love. Your love is more than a galaxy of star, shining effortlessly inside my heart. Goodnight my love.

If not for your love and care, today would have been like every other bad day. Thanks for being the reason I was happy throughout. Good night, I love you.

If today were a book, I would have dedicated it to you. You were the reason it ended in success, more than I expected. I love you and I will forever do. Good night.

Good  Night Lovely Quotes 2015 # The Best Quotes

Good Night Quotes Messages Images Pictures Photos for Friends | Quotes about Good Night


Dost Ho Aap Mere Ye Baat Batana
Chahte Hai, Dosti Ko Ehsaas Aapko
Dikhana Chahte Hai, Aap To Hamare
Liye Ek Chaand Jaise Ho, Jise Har
Raat Sone Se Pahele Dekhna Chahte
Hai Good Night Sweet Dreams.   (Good Night Messages In Hindi)

Nothing makes a great day without a magical touch of your love. You rock my world as always. Thanks for today. Goodnight. Mwah!

You’ll be my end, even if you are not the beginning. You will be my arm when my strength fails, and the perfect one for me forever. Good night my love.

Good  Night Latest Messages, Quotes # The Best Poems


When my arms can’t reach people
who are close to my heart,
I always hug them with my prayers. Good Night.

Stars light Stars bright you are the only Star I see tonight.
I wish I may, I wish I might be there guarding your dreams tonight.
Good night and sleep well.

I can speak of your love and care throughout the world. I can proclaim how wonderful it has been living my life with you. Good night dear.

Good  Night Sayings # 2015 – Top #10 +


Lekar Chandni Ye Raat Aayi Hai,
Sath Me Mithi Mithi Yaad Layi
Hai, In Yaado Me Kho Jao, Takiye
Me Sar Rakho Aur So Jao! Good
Night Take Care Sweet Dreams!

I can tell the whole world that nothing is as sweet and cute as you. I can brag it about that you are the loveliest I’ve ever seen. Have a nice night dearie.

If you were never mine, I would live all my life being jealous of the one who has you. You are too lovely and indescribable! I love you, Goodnight.

Short Good Night Quotes Poems # 2015 – Top # 10+

Good Night Quotes Messages Images Pictures Photos for Friends | Quotes about Good Night


Beautiful morning… Sweet night…. Lovely you… Awesome me… This is how it’s going to be forever. Good night my love.

Aap Jo So Gaye To Khwab Hamara Aayega
Ek Pyari Si Muskaan Aapke Chehre
Par Layega, Khidki Darwaje Dil
Ke Khol Ker Sona Warna Aap Hi
Batao Hamara Khwab Kaha Se Aayega.

I wish every single night will end with my ear by yours, whispering “Good night to you my love.” Good night.

Good  Night Quotes Sayings # 2015 – Top #10 +


Whenever you have a dream inside your heart,
Never let it go coz dreams are the tiny seeds,
From which a beautiful tomorrow grows
Have a wonderful dream tonight. Good night.

I went to bed tonight but felt that something was missing. So I got up from my bed, grabbed my cell phone and sent you a greeting. Good Night!

The thought of being with you tomorrow is what helps me to go through today. Good Night my love.

Good Night Quotes Messages Poems From girlfriend # 2015


Tired of messages like,
Good Night
Missing You
Love You
and so on?
Now here’s a new one – Can U smile 4 me once?

I’ll always be there… Be here and there for you through to the end. I will be close to you ever, even more than would the best of friend. Goodnight my love.

I just want to be close to you until the end. I might not be able to do much, but I sure will be your one true friend until the end. Goodnight my love.

Good  Night Messages, Quotes From boyfriend # 2015

Good Night Quotes Messages Images Pictures Photos for Friends | Quotes about Good Night


Palko Pe Dastak Dene Koi Khwab
Aane Wala Hai, Khabar Mili Hai
Ki Wo Khwab Sach Hone Wala Hai,
Hamne Kaha Uski Palko Par Ja,
Jo Pyaara Sa Dost Sone Wala Hai.

“I don’t have time to hate people who hate me..
Because, I’m too busy in loving people who love me!”
Someone like you. Good Night!

 Top* Good Night { 2015 } HD Wallpapers In Full HD


If it’s ever possible, I would make you stay in my heart forever – morning night and noon. I love you, Good night.

I never deserved to be loved this much. Your love for me is more than what fate has brought. I can’t just explain how great this is. Thanks for loving me. Good night.

Welcome aboard to “Sweet Dreams” airline,
All passengers on bed, please hug your pillows
As the flight will be leaving soon to Dreamland.
Hope you will enjoy your flight.
Pleasant Dreams and Good Night!

Good  Night 2015 Free Clip Art, Friendship Messages


My day won’t certainly be over for I have something left to do. I just couldn’t sleep yet without saying I love you. Good Night and Sweet Dreams.

Many nights, like tonight, words would fail me to express how I feel for you… In such nights, I just give up and say, you are Sweet…. Goodnight!

Chupke Se Suno, Ek Choti Si
Baat, Ho Gyi Hai Raat. So
Jao Pyar Se, Sapno Ke Saath,
Band Kro Light, Mujhe
Apse Kehna Hai. Good Night.

Good  Night  Messages Quotes from Wife to Husband

Good Night Quotes Messages Images Pictures Photos for Friends | Quotes about Good Night


As the day turns into night, keep your worries out of sight. Close your eyes and go to sleep, all the good times are yours to keep. Sweet dreams & Good Night.

I wish I was there to hold you tight, instead of just sending you this loving “Good Night.”

You are the light of my world,
The music in my heart and
The first and last thought of my day.
Have a Good Night, My Dear.

Good Night 2015 Facebook Timeline Covers


Hawa Chal Rahi Hai Right, Taare
Chamak Rahe Hain Bright, Moon
Taaro K Beech Me Hai White
Zyada Mat Socho Band Karo
Light, Aur So Jao Good Night.

Lions are personalities of fear to all other animals, Roses are elements of jealousy to other flowers, and so are you a source of amazement to all the parts of me. Your love is magical! I love you, Good night.

Looking into your eyes only, I can see more than promise and commitment you have kept to grow this love. I love you for being great. Good night sweetheart.

Best  Good  Night Quotes, Saying, Facebook and whats app status


No matter how large my heart would ever become, it will be to love only you… Wishing you sweet dreams my heart, my love.

Chand Ki Chandni Ne Ek Paalki Banayi
Hai, Aur Ye Paalki Humne Bade
Pyaar Se Sajayi Hai, Dua Hai Ye
Hawa Tujhse Zara Dheere Chalna, Mere
Pyaar Ko Badi Pyaari Neend Aayi Hai.

No matter how influential I become, you will be my most precious fan. You will ever be my best companion and friend. Good night and sweet dreams.

Good  Night 2015 SMS, Messages, Statues, Quotes in Hindi-English

Good Night Quotes Messages Images Pictures Photos for Friends | Quotes about Good Night


No matter how tight my schedules are, and how busy I ever become, I won’t fail to give you all the attention you so need. Good night my heartbeat.

One day I wish my dream would come true
And I’d wake up next to you. Till then Good Night!

Every night I love coming back home. Because home is being in your arms. Good night my love!

Good  Night 2015 message saying quotes in English


Today might not have brought all your expected goodies, but I see tomorrow bringing them in their numbers. Goodnight and Goodmorning in advance my love.

Just want you to know: The love I have for you is very sure. It has started from when we met and it will grow endlessly until I die. Goodnight my love.

I may not get to see you as often as I like,
I may not get to hold you all through the night.
But deep in my heart this much I know,
You’re the one for me and I’ll never let you go. Good Night my sweet!

Good Night 2015 quotes, sayings, Whatsapp and facebook status


This night will be sweet, I sure can see. Because I just ended it with sweet words of love from you. Good night my jewel.

I wish I was the sheet on your bed – that way I could feel you on me. Missing you so much this night.

Nobody’s right till somebody’s wrong.
Nobody’s weak till somebody’s strong.
Nobody’s lucky till love comes along.
Nobody’s lonely till somebody’s gone.
I love and miss you tonight!

Good Night Wishes, poems, Quotes and sayings

Halloween Images Pictures Photos Wallpapers cover Photos for Facebook | Halloween HD Images


I think of you as soon as I wake up and then again before I fall asleep. You see, you’re never out of my thoughts. Have a Good Night!

So Jaao.. So Jaao! Mujhe Good
Night Kahe Bina So Jaao! Raat
Ki Rani Aayegi, Dhakka De Kar
Jayegi, Bed Se Tumhe Girayegi,
Phir Sari Ninni Udd Jayegi..!

I can see the sign in your very eyes. The sign that you are mine forever. I love my life with you. Goodnight.

Good  Night New Quotes, Sayings, Messages in English


I am sorry I couldn’t write your name in the sky. But, I have inscribed it inside my heart forever; and that is where you will forever be. Goodnight.

Between a million yesterdays and a million tomorrows, there’s only one today.
And I would never let it pass without telling you – I’m thinking of you. Have a good night.

I’d walk a thousand miles to be with you tonight. Missing you – g’night.

Special Good Night Quotes for girlfriend


Its big,
It’s warm,
It’s fuzzy.
Before you get ideas – it’s a big g’night HUG from me to you!

When the night breeze blows my hair, I imagine they’re your kisses
I can stand missing you this much.

God sprinkles tiny but wonderful seeds of blessings on earth each day…and I just caught one that’s so nice and true…it’s YOU ! Love you and good night

Special Love Good Night Quotes for boyfriend

Halloween Images Pictures Photos Wallpapers cover Photos for Facebook | Halloween HD Images


I love all the stars in the sky, but they are nothing compared to the ones in your eyes! So I’ll think about you as I turn in for the night. Good Night!

We never get, what we want. We never want what we get. We never have, what we like. We never like, what we have.
Still we live,
still we love ,
still we hope.
Good night!

Just a reminder: our lives are to be spent with each other until the end of time. Like you’ve always been, you will forever be precious in my heart. Goodnight.

Lovely Good Night Quotes for girlfriend


Do you know how wonderful it feels to go to bed each day and know
That you are mine and I am yours? – Have a restful night, my love.

Sending a pillow of happy thoughts to create wonderful dreams, a blanket of care to keep you blessed in life and a prayer to protect you always. Good night!

If u feel little bored, a little sick, a little sad, all lost,
D’you know what’s wrong?
You are suffering from lack of Vitamin ME
Love you and Good Night!


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