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Happy Fathers Day – Father’s Day Date or When & Why

Father’s Day when

It’s time to start getting creative to mark a very special day in the calendar! Fathers’ Day is just weeks away – Sunday 15th June. Card Making fanatics are now planning how to make their dad feel very special by the giving of a modified Greeting Card – a card made from the heart using excellent papers and add-ons.

But what’s the history of Fathers’ Day and how popular and event is it?

There are a number of events that have been ascribed with reassembling the requirement to celebrate Fathers’ day. These contain the celebration of Fathers at a special church service following a mining disaster in 1907. An explosion in a mine in the United States killed over 360 men, many were fathers; the nearby church marked this occasion with a celebration of fathers on July 5, 1908 in West Virginia. It is thought that the pastor was inspired by this terrible tragedy.

By far the most attributed with inspiring Fathers’ Day is Mrs Sonara Smart Dodd from Washington. Her father, a Civil War Veteran was a single parent and raised his family of six children in Spokane Washington. Sonara Smart Dodd gained her inspiration whilst listening to a mothers’ day sermon in 1909 – so inspired was she that she proposed a similar day to celebrate Fathers’. In her eyes, her own father had made tremendous sacrifices following the death of his wife, in childbirth. He was a loving and courageous man and she wanted the world to know what an exceptional man he had been. The first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910 in Spokane, Washington.

A movement had started but it was mot until 1956 that Fathers’ Day was recognized by a joint resolution of Congress and it was until 1972 that President Nixon set in stone the national observance of Fathers’ Day, to be held on the third Sunday of June. In the UK, Fathers’ Day has grown tremendously in popularity and has a growing impact on retail sales during June, particularly with Greeting Cards. There is not only a huge growth in shop bought cards but in card making.