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Love Messages | I Love You Messages, Sms | Best Romantic Messages

Love Messages | I Love You Messages, Sms | Best Romantic Messages

Love Messages | I Love You Messages, Sms, Images

It’s very tough to define the word love and the love relations. A human being experiences diverse kind of love at diverse points of time in his life. There are numerous stages of love and at every step of love you require to carry the message to your beloved one for a smooth and melodious relation. Because loving someone is not enough, you have to carry your message to people whom you love, like if someone loves you and you know that already, even you would love to hear it again and again from him/her.

Love Messages | I Love You Messages, Sms | Best Romantic Messages

I send you messages so as not to forget me, but in reality I want to send you my eyes to see you, my lips to tell you I love you until you die.

My heart you are the most beautiful thing that happened to me in my life. I write you these few words with the ink of my love to tell you that I love you.

My Love, since our eyes have crossed, You have made my heart capsize, you have overthrown and since you make me lose my head. I love you.

My love, our story is born and it will never stop, our love grows day by day, enters my heart and closes the double turn. I love you and I will love you forever.

When I see you, I hurt the bide as before ten thousand people, please, stop it and take me in your arms.

I love you for now and forever. There is no goodbye, but that of love, and I want to cry, it tears me to love you so much.

I am here to love you, I am here to learn from you and to receive your love in return, I am here because I could not be anywhere else.

I wanted to keep you in my arms forever but eternity would have seemed too short. I love you my love.

I Love You Messages

A magical stream of constant waves come as warmth as we roll in a comforter of the feelings of creation which turn on a switch inside of us to look for the special person that is to be with us even if just for a blink of time. There are messages that are touching us in the lowest capsules of naked, raw true love. These capsules wait to release their valuable cargo upon both suspecting and unsuspecting lovers and are dispensed in such a way that is appropriate for them. There is a portion for all of us to partake and as someone tells us in a poem, we cannot be alone in this gathering of solar systems.

Love Messages | I Love You Messages, Sms | Best Romantic Messages

I am ready to take it and give thanks,
and to hide it and to proclaim it,
and for his pleasure, to say and do,
and what has so much value to cherish him,
and for his praise

Often I find your face that I love,
Your grace, your perfume, your voice, and your smile.
To everything I see, I hear or I breathe,
I feel that my love mixes a little with itself.
You float bright and a pure emblem
It is in the mirror of your soul that my soul is mirrored …

I love you but
why do not you see me?
I love you but
why do not you notice me?
I love you but
why do not you touch me?
I love you but
why do not you like me ?

I want to see you
I love you
I think I’m in love
but for you I am only
a point.

Love Messages

We must be involved in love for it does surround us completely. Love is in everything we do and everything we say and we become mediums for the love messages that are broadcast unto us from every direction.

I wish at this moment to have you on my knees, and to cover your divine mouth with kisses.

There is no sun without the brightness of your flesh, it is not night without the desire of your arms.

You are the most beautiful under the sky.

On your beautiful body, I will write words of love, so that you think of me always, always and again.

Tonight, near you, my lips will only find kisses.

Life without you seems to me more than a desert.