Symptoms of diabetes in kids

Symptoms of diabetes in kids

Symptoms of diabetes in kids

Diabetic Risks in Kids

Many of us know that diabetic risks are mostly prevailed on youth and old people. But, studies say that even the young children are prone to the diabetic risks today all around the world and it has been raising day by day. We know that it is chronic health problem and if proper treatment is not taken over time, it can damage the blood vessels, heart, kidneys, eyes and early death.

Types of Diabetes:

Generally there are two types of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2.

Type 1 Diabetes

Symptoms of diabetes in kids

complications of diabetes type 1

When kids get noticed with diabetes usually we assume that it is Type 1 diabetes. It is also sometimes called as juvenile or else childhood-onset diabetes and this usually occurs when the pancreas of the kid or children doesn’t produce enough amount of insulin which is a hormone that regulates the person’s blood sugar. Though the cause of this diabetes is not known, it is generally believed that it is as a result of combination of the environmental along with the genetic factors.

Today many countries are noticing and documenting that more number of the type 1 diabetic cases that are diagnosed newly are particularly seem on young children. The risky factors about this type 1 diabetes include the family history or genetic susceptibility and other possible risk factors include low level of vitamin D, viral exposure and other types of dietary factors. It even can occur at any age and these people should daily take a dose of insulin as recommended by the physician.

Type 2 Diabetes

Symptoms of diabetes in kids

complications of diabetes type 2

The other type of diabetes is the type 2 diabetes and is also known as adult-onset diabetes. As said, it exists in youth but also children are not away from it. Many US children are said to be effected with this type diabetes too. This diabetes attacks the person we he/she is not able to use the insulin properly that body produces. The main causes of this diabetes include body weight, genetic predisposition and physical activity too. But the good news about this is, it can be prevented. This diabetes has been the main diabetes among the children in some parts of the world. Physical inactivity and the obesity in the kids give rise to this type of diabetes and these things play a major role. If you kids follow healthy eating and daily exercises, they can easily prevent this diabetes at young age itself. When you notice that your kid have increased thirst, blurry vision, unusual fatigue, then it is a sign of type 2 diabetes. During this condition make them comfortable, take the proper treatment for your kid and then ask them follow the healthy life style with good food. Following this will give good results in no time.

This is all about the two types of diabetic risks that are generally seen in the young children or kids. But, don’t worry you can prevent them if you take the precautions as suggested above and with doctors proper treatment. Hope, this information will help you a lot.