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Thanksgiving day quotes images wishes | Thanksgiving USA Turkey

Thanksgiving day quotes images wishes | Thanksgiving USA Turkey

Thanksgiving Day is a special day for thanking everyone around us. It’s a national holiday as well as traditionally day celebrated in USA and Canada. In the USA Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the Fourth day of November and in Canada its celebrated on Second Monday of October. In other countries also, they celebrate Thanksgiving Day on their specific days. Thanksgiving Day begins with giving thanks for the food that have been harvested at the end of the harvest season. Even its consider as a harvest festival and family gather together and have the fest with special foods that mainly consist of turkey, pumpkin pie, stuffed potatoes, bread, cranberry and much more stuff.  This holiday is observed as a busiest festival of the year. According to the tradition, Thanksgiving dinner is the largest dining event where people eat and enjoy more than on any other day of the entire year. thanksgiving quotes

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Facts behind the Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving tradition is documented in 1621, was celebrated by the Pilgrims and Indians at Plymouth (now Massachusetts) when they gave thanks for rain that ended a drought and celebrated for their good harvest each year. Earlier Thanksgiving Day appeared as an uncommon church benefit, rather than a feast. Thanksgiving quotes for family Later the first president George Washington, of the USA, announced officially the first national Thanksgiving Day in 1789. Then later during the Civil war in 1863, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed publicly a national day of “Praise and Thanksgiving to our benevolent Father who lives in the Heavens and to everyone around us for everything,” to be celebrated on the last Thursday in November each year. Another day is also observed at this time of the year i.e. American Indian Heritage Day. Basically, the meaning of Thanksgiving, over the centuries means families adding the tradition and customs to gather together and to celebrates their victories as well as their struggles, to teach the young ones how to preserve the tradition and even the special prayer of Thanksgiving before the dining for the family legacy, to praise God for everything that we are given with. It acts as a Worship. It mainly focuses on the good relationship between God and man. In this way, we can offer our resources to help others in all terms. It’s a perfect day to say, “thank you” to our Creator for all their showers of blessing.  thanksgiving quotes to god

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As family members grew more and countries became urban and families began to live farther apart, Thanksgiving became a chance to gather together and celebrates the moment of togetherness. In this family get a chance to enjoy together and maintain the traditional day. The occasion moved far from its religious roots to allow immigrants to participate in a common tradition with them. In Thanksgiving Day ‘s attractions are the Thanksgiving parades and busy football games. It marks and symbolises intercultural peace for newcomers and everyone in the country. Days of thanksgiving are also marked as the traditional fare, in gratitude for peace, safe journeys and abundant harvests for the entire year. thanksgiving quotes funny

Thanksgiving Quotes With Images

1: I’m thankful for my entirety for everything. My thanksgiving is never ending….  thanksgiving quotes from bible

2: Saying thanks we don’t require a special day…but in this Thanksgiving, I want to thank for each day, each season offers something of beauty.  thanksgiving quotes inspirational

3: As far as I’m concerned, every day is Thanksgiving Day because every day we get a chance to thanks, someone. thanksgiving quotes for teachers

4: In this busy schedule and fast running life, it’s very important to keep pace with the people who matter a lot to you, for they do make your life a smooth run. Happy Thanksgiving . thanksgiving quotes for family

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